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montage.pngThe vision of the Stanwood-Camano Area Foundationis
to help build a vibrant, caring, "hometown" community
where people can be proud to live, work and play.

Connecting People who Care with Causes that Matter

For over half a century the Stanwood-Camano Area Foundation (SCAF) has created lasting legacies that enhance the quality of life in the Stanwood-Camano area. SCAF is a local source of comprehensive charitable gift planning that, though scholarships, grants, and community initiatives help residents meet their philanthropic goals by funding programs that directly benefit our local community.

Today, SCAF manages close to 90 funds that meet a broad array of community needs. Through these funds, SCAF is helping build a healthy, sustainable community by providing basic needs, promoting arts and culture and supporting education.

Primary Programs:

High School Scholarships (benefiting graduating high school seniors)

AAUW Scholarships (benefiting third year or beyond college students)

Adult Scholarships (benefiting adults in need of additional education or training)

Music Grants (benefiting middle school & high school musicians)

Stanwood Camano Giving Tuesday (benefiting local nonprofit organizations)

Fiscal Sponsorship (benefiting community initiatives such as the Rotary Adventure Playground and local YMCA start-up

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