High School Scholarships FAQ


**I can't find where to print the scholarship application.
Our application moved to an online portal in 2023. The link to access that portal is available when the cycle is open for applications at www.s-caf.org.

**I just moved here. Am I eligible for scholarships?

**I feel like I don't really qualify for any of these scholarships. Is this worth my time?
Yes! We have more than 10 scholarships that have zero requirements. Every applicant is eligible.

**I didn't take the SAT/ACT test. What should I put in that section? 
Please check "did not take". This will not adversely effect your eligibility.

**Do I need to include a separate community college transcript?
If your running start classes are included on your high school transcript, you do not need to provide anything else. If they are not included, you will need to provide a separate transcript or documentation.

**How many recommendation letters can I upload?
We require one letter, but you can upload more. Please refrain from submitting more than three.

**The person providing me my reference emailed it to me and it's not signed. Is that ok?
If you have time, it's best to ask them to provide you a signed letter, but we will still accept it if it is not.

**I need help filling out my application or knowing what to apply for.
Please contact Natalie at 360-770-5842 or natalie@s-caf.org to find out about open hours for scholarship assistance, and to receive additional help outside of those hours.

**The website shows that I'm eligible for a specific scholarship, but I'm not sure if the degree I'm pursuing is included in their requirement.
That's ok! Fill out the information anyone just in case - let the sponsor decide.

**I got a scholarship, but my plans changed and I'm not going to go to school this fall.
If you are not going to use your funds right away in the Fall, we will hold your money for up to 2 years, but you MUST fill out the extension form in the online portal and keep us informed about your plans.

**I missed the deadline for filling out my claim information. Did I lose my scholarship?
Not yet. You should have received a text/email/phone call/letter from Natalie in the SCAF Office. Respond immediately and get your claim/extension information filled out ASAP. If you wait too long, you will receive a letter giving you a final deadline to complete this. After that date, your scholarship will be rescinded and you can no longer claim it.

**I am withdrawing from my school to go somewhere else. Do I need to let someone know?
Your school will return any unused funds to SCAF. Please contact us as soon as possible to let us know if there's somewhere else we need to send the funds or if you need us to hold them for a period of time.

**Who decides the winner of each scholarship?
Most scholarship recipients are chosen by the sponsor themselves. SCAF also has a scholarship selection committee that determines that chooses several of the scholarship winners based on the parameters set by those scholarship sponsors.

**I can't figure out how to access the scholarship portal.
Contact Natalie at 360-770-5842 or natalie@s-caf.org.