Stanwood-Camano Community Scholarships

The community scholarship program was created to make it easier for students to apply for the many different scholarships offered by local sponsors each year. The program made finding and applying for local scholarships much easier for students through the introduction of a standard scholarship application, a standard timeline, and a central coordination point for the application process. The community scholarship program also makes it easy for any individual, family, group or business to offer scholarships to local students without having to create an award process on their own.

In 2023, over $293,000 was awarded in high school scholarships to 148 graduating seniors. Over 100 local sponsors contribute each year to more than 250 individual scholarships that are offered to graduating seniors. The scholarship application process begins each year on February 1st with applications due by the second Monday in March. After the scholarship applications are reviewed and selections are made, scholarships are awarded at "Scholarship Night," in May, the Tuesday after Memorial Day. Scholarship Night is co-hosted each year by the Stanwood-Camano Area Foundation, the Stanwood-Camano School District, and the American Legion Post 92.